what do you wanna do tonight?

by Wasted Champs

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consider these tracks the "pre-album b-side bonus tracks" of Middle School Romance Forever.


released February 14, 2016

griff (of THE griff content) made the quiz on the album miss u so much buddy
Track 1 is from some weird mcdonalds video game
the rest are mine



all rights reserved
Track Name: i will set your stupid fucking meninist t-shirt on fire
stop kissing on the sidewalk if you’re grossed out when i do it
and stop acting like you’re being oppressed when you don’t know the half of it
you make me sick to my stomach why can't you just get a grip
straight white boys with snapbacks make me upset when they act like tough shit

if i see one more stupid meninst t-shirt
i will light it up with you still wearing it
Track Name: i wanna make cute indie pop like frankie cosmos
confused in the library
what are you doing to me

lost in the dining hall
are you anything at all

stuck in the mistress
stop with all this bullshit

confused in the library
give me space to breathe
Track Name: vegan and hating it
there’s nothing like laying in bed trying to get the room to stop spinning
and watching snapchats of friends having fun while 'we need to talk about kevin' plays in the background
the camerawork is nauseating and death already feels close
but it’s not there at all and the awareness hurts more than any cramp could

losing everything including lunch
losing everything including dinner which already wasn't there