dormitory blues demo

by Wasted Champs

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released December 1, 2015

tracks 1, 2, 3 written by me
track 4 written by Dan Rushton and Shianne Richardson
all songs recorded by me

photo by Julia Leiby thx u rok <3



all rights reserved
Track Name: incomplete
I feel incomplete,
I feel like a small boy scared to come up from under his sheets,
Wondering where the time comes from,
Wondering if I’ll ever find what everyone calls love

I feel so broken,
I feel like I’m not very good at doing anything,
Wondering what I fucked up,
Wondering what I fucked up but didn’t know I fucked up

I think I’m so dumb,
I can’t figure out what is going on
Inside my own mind
Inside my own decaying everyday body

I feel incomplete
Track Name: the struggles of a freaked out teenager
my increasing insecurities
are telling me to not text back
but my already high low self esteem
is telling me that they might like that

indecisiveness is getting the best of me
once again

my already really shitty mood
is telling me to just go to sleep
but the constant screaming from the next room
is preventing that from happening

indecisiveness is getting the best of me
once again
Track Name: blackface
oh i wish i could have punched you in the face
i don’t care if that’s technically assault cause you just assaulted an entire goddamn race
what were you thinking do you even have a brain
i wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t just get the fuck out of my face

get the fuck out of my face
go fuck yourself